A 10km run for kids and adults northwest of Stockholm, Sweden. Kistaloppet is arranged by Löparakademin with purpose to inspire people to exercise and improve the suburban image.

The project includes brand identity, website, brand collateral and marketing materials. The result is a modern urban run with a simple bold style and attitude, raising the design bar of running competitions.

Client: Löparakademin
Role: Art Director, Designer

Kistaloppet logotype
Kistaloppet logotype
Kistaloppet symbol
Kistaloppet lines
Kistaloppet typography
Kistaloppet website
Kistaloppet tape
Kistaloppet poster
Kistaloppet hoodie
Kistaloppet bags
Kistaloppet Instagram image
Lilla Kistaloppet Instagram image
Kistaloppet Fun Run Instagram image
Kistaloppet brand identity overview
Sub 40

Sub 40 is a campaign that inspires runners to get run the ten kilometers in under 40 minutes. If you make it, you get a wind jacket.

Kistaloppet Sub 40 logo
Kistaloppet Sub 40 Instagram image
Kistaloppet Sub 40 Instagram image
Kistaloppet Sub 40 magazine ad
5 years

Custom graphics for the five year celebration of Kistaloppet.

Kistaloppet 5 year anniversary logo
Kistaloppet medal
Kistaloppet poster
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